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Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo added to Carol Rushton's Queensland life list (C&B 2008), 14 May 2014. List total is 72.

BirdLife Community

A great source of the latest news items related to birds, biodiversity and conservation around the world is the BirdLife Community. In the last few days they have announced a major initiative to determine conservation priorities across vast mountainous regions of eastern Africa as well as both positive and negative news regarding single species: whilst the satellite tracking of the globally endangered Sociable Lapwing received a boost with signals from a bird in southern Uzbekistan, it is saddening to read of yet more illegal shooting in Malta, this time of a juvenile Osprey just hatched this June.

The BirdLife Community also maintains a list of extinct species which was depressingly updated earlier this year with the addition of the Madagascan Alaotra Grebe. This is one list we do not intend to introduce to BUBO Listing...

If you find yourself overloaded trying to keep up with the latest in bird news and conservation, then at least check out the important stuff at the BirdLife Community!



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