normal Italian Sparrow

2 months 3 weeks ago #1534 by Richard Baatsen
Now that the Italian Sparrow in Devon has been proven to be a hybrid can it be removed from the BOU British List. If we are using BOU rules.

Would it be possible to have a pending category. So may the rank list might read Mr Fred Blogs 530 (+ 2 pending). What do you think.

2 months 2 weeks ago - 2 months 2 weeks ago #1535 by Jim Clarke
Replied by Jim Clarke on topic Italian Sparrow
Hi Richard. When/where was the hybrid identification news released please? The only findings from the testing conducted by Martin Collinson's team that I have heard about was that a mainland Italy origin had been ruled out but work was ongoing re a Mediterranean Island origin. A particular verdict seems likely but I thought the jury was still out?
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